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The philosopher Plato once said, "our need will be the real creator." Plato's original quote eventually morphed into the commonly used phrase "necessity is the mother of invention." The Good Tile began in much the same way, out of necessity. The Good Tile Founder Shay Nammari started researching and developing a new way to create tiles in late 2017. Shay struggled to find the right type of tile for a home renovation project. Filled with inspiration after a recent trip to Morocco, she was determined to create something that didn't exist, high-quality tiles featuring beautiful patterns and colours that were durable and affordable.


After months of trial and error, Shay's product development paid off. Shay finally produced durable patterned luxury vinyl tiles (LVT's) that were easy to maintain, stain and scratch-resistant. The new LVTs were visually impactful and affordably priced. The Good Tile had filled a void in the tile market. There was an immediate buzz among home renovators, DIYers and interior designers and that had the new tile offerings flying off the shelf! Shay expanded her products to include 6 X 6 glass tiles featuring a luxurious beveled edge. The patterns and images of the new glass tiles had this incredible richness and depth, able to transform any area into a unique space.  Shay expanded yet again to offer creative and custom services at The Good Tile. Working directly with interior designers and customers opened a whole new world of customization. The Good Tile brings customer visions to life, creating bespoke products driven by creativity and imagination.


The luxury vinyl and glass tiles were selling well, so it was time to expand again! Shay added a fully customizable peel and stick removable wallpaper line to complement her tile offerings. The bold and whimsical wallpaper designs could transform single accent walls or entire rooms, including design-forward commercial spaces, often in a single day. The options were endless!


Fast-forward to the present. The Good Tile products as featured on HGTV, Breakfast Television and CityLine are top sellers. Shay knows that success is not a destination; it's a continuous journey. Expansion plans for The Good Tile continue. In addition to her ever-popular yoga mats, Shay will soon offer home decor fabric and many other new products featuring the same imagination and creativity.